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Pool Filter Cleaning

The routine cleaning of the pool filter is essential to the overall health of your pool. However many homeowners are not aware that many filters work in what is called a clarification process, which actually uses the filtered debris to filter the water further. We know what to look for and can make a proper assessment on the spot.

Cleaning Pool Tiles & Walls

We know how important it is to step into your pool after a long week and have that clean feel. A proper scrub is necessary to combat alge build up and prevent staining your pool walls and tiles.

Removal of Pool Algae

It's not too late! Algae isn't the end of your pool, however its a major problem that we can combat right away! We can shock and get your pool back on track asap!

Maintaining the Proper PH & Chlorine Balance

A proper PH balance is necessary for the health of the water as well as the health of your family and friends.The PH is a necessary test that measures how acidic or base the water makeup is on a scale from 0-10 with the optimal level being between 7.4 and 7.6. We make sure to test the PH and Chlorine on a weekly basis to keep everyone safe and swimming!

Complete Pool Vacuuming

Lets get to the bottom of things, and by bottom we mean, the very bottom of your pool. A complete pool vacuuming is needed on a regular basis to ensure safety from stepping on possible sharp objects or other unwanted items lurking at the bottom.

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